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Our mission

Providing professional, comprehensive and sustainable support for athletes in their professional career and life at an accessible price.

In short, athletes are (partly) our responsibility.

Our vision and values

It is our special concern to guide, advise and support athletes individually and personally.

This allows the athlete to fully concentrate on their career and knows that we are at their side in any situation.

We help professional athletes and talent to constantly evolve and advise them in all possible areas of their career.

In addition to sport, legal, business and financial advice, we offer everything an athlete needs.

Moreover, it is important for us to create a living environment for the athlete and his family, which ensures optimal career development.

All this should form the basis, so that the athlete can achieve his personal and sporting goals.

Our focus is not only on the active career, but goes further. What the athletes do after their sports career is also important to us. With the help of our partners, we promote optimal development of our athletes.

For this we work together with a team of doctors as well as physiotherapists, personal trainers, psychologists, nutritionists, lawyers and tax advisers.

In addition, we help our athletes to set, develop, regularly test and (where necessary) adjust their objectives.

A sports career is short, so we offer our athletes a wide network to prepare for a safe and risk-free future.

Our services

Every athlete is sometimes confronted with a difficult phase in their life, in which they need help. Whether it is a promotion at work, a family conflict or dealing with a broken relationship, we are here to help.

Every situation requires a focused personal approach.

Personal guidance can take many forms, both personal and professional.

We provide people orientated honest and result orientated individual guidance.

During personal coaching and guidance, the athlete gets to know and accept themselves. They learn more about their personality, their deepest wishes and fears and purpose in life.

Our team

Willy van de Kerkhof

Willy is best known to the general public as a former Dutch professional football player. He played for FC Twente from 1970 to 1973 and then for PSV until 1988. With the latter, he became national champion six times, won the UEFA Cup in 1977/1978 and the European Cup in 1987/1988. In addition, he played 63 times for the Dutch national team from 1974 to 1985. Among other things, he was part of the selection that made it to the finals of the 1974 and 1978 World Cups and played at the 1976 and 1980 European Championships.

Together with his twin brother, René, he made his professional debut at FC Twente. In 1973 they left for PSV, where they played 10 seasons together. They also went to battle several times for the Dutch national team. For example, in 1978, as the only twins ever, they both played the final of a World Cup.

After his sports career, Willy has not sat still. On the contrary, with the experience that he initially gained in the field of sales and marketing in business, he quickly started working as an independent entrepreneur. For over 25 years now. This, as a networker pur sang.

Moreover, he has been chairman of the World Trade Center Eindhoven since 2002.

And, old love does not rust, because in recent years Willy has been active as a host at PSV.

Within Sports Talent House he naturally indulges in his passion: sports.

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Sieto van het Meer

Sieto is constantly buzzing with energy and ideas, with “not going” not being an option as long as you haven’t tried it. He replaces problems and solutions with challenges and possibilities. Mutual respect and trust are core values, from which the foundation must be laid for good cooperation.

After an adventurous, but also demanding period as a professional soldier, Sieto started working as an independent entrepreneur in the field of interim management, business development and coaching. In recent years he has held his own at management level in the automotive industry.

For Sieto, the customer always comes first: “only when you know your customer well and have been able to map out his / her wishes and ambitions in a realistic and correct manner, only then can you focus on a successful advocacy and thus contribute to someone’s future. ” Honest, sincere, no-nonsense and direct.

Favorite hobbies are mountain biking and cycling, but also gliding, paragliding and parachuting give him the necessary relaxation and, last, but not least, adrenaline rush.

The athlete enjoys his special attention as an individual; the athlete, whose ambitions he wants to understand and help to achieve.

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Jack Bogaart

Jack is an energetic, creative personality, who stands for professionalism, integrity, respect and sustainability. As a lawyer he thinks outside the box and his blood creeps where it cannot go, as witnessed by his close involvement in the sports world. A passionate lawyer, who with his legal background and years of experience in business helps the athlete to achieve his goals.

His sense of justice made him decide to study law at the time. In 1983 he obtained his master’s degree in Dutch law at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. After two postgraduate studies, namely international law at the University of Strasbourg (France) and European law at the College of Europe in Bruges (Belgium), he worked in (international) business for about twenty years. In recent years, this has been mainly in the transport and IT industry. During that period he held various management positions with legal business advice being his speciality.

Since mid-2003 he has been working as a (self-employed) lawyer in an ever-changing world. His flexible approach in dealing with legal problems with a variety of clients in various sectors is not only restricted to inside the courtroom.

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